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I had a very old worn set of dentures. I had trouble eating. I couldn’t chew properly and had to cut up my food. Nigel and Andrew made me a new set of dentures and it feels like I have my own set of teeth. I have now got a bite and can chew food properly. The new dentures have also given me a fuller face and I have now got lips. They are so much better that what I had before.

Mrs Beedle

Growing up the thought of losing my teeth was one of my biggest nightmares. Then the day came. A plate with a single tooth replaced continued excruciating pain in one of my uppers. “Not so bad”, I thought, “I can live with this”. And then there were a few more additions. It was all downhill from there. There was a succession of badly fitting dentures that would drop down if I opened my mouth more than a centimetre. Not a good look! I spent a fortune on fixative as I needed so much to keep my partial denture in place. As they were so badly fitting, I would only have to be eating something innocuous, like a piece of bread, and they would snap in half. Then I discovered The Denture Shop'.

I am so glad that I decided that The Denture Shop should make my new partial denture. I was made to feel at ease, treated as an individual, with care, and with attention to detail.  I mentioned that for me gagging could be a problem. Special care during the impression taking made sure that I didn’t suffer with that at all. When I went back for the fitting the new denture only needed a couple of minor adjustments which were done at the time to make it absolutely spot on. Andrew had gone through a list of questions and made comments on things I needed to consider. I collected the final version the following week when I was asked to wear it for a week and then come back for a check-up. It had rubbed a little in one spot and that was soon rectified before leaving. I left with a big smile on my face and have been smiling ever since.

My new denture is a perfect fit; it fits into my smile line without showing the join; the size, spacing and colour are perfect; it doesn’t move when I eat or when I open my mouth; it feels comfortable; and it needs no taste changing fixative to stay in place. I’ve never liked to admit that I wear a denture and now with my new denture from The Denture Shop, I don’t have to.  So sorry, no photo!


I was recommended to The Denture Shop by my dentist as I needed a tooth to be added to my plate. I met Nigel and he recommended I had new dentures as my current ones were old and thinning. I had new top and bottom dentures made and a few visits to the clinic for adjustments.

Nigel was very helpful and explained everything to me. He was very pleasant and couldn’t do enough to help me. My experience of The Denture Shop was very good.

Mr Parmenter

I would thoroughly recommend The Denture Shop. The whole service was absolutely fantastic and I feel like I now have proper teeth.

I first contacted The Denture Shop because I had broken my bottom set. I went to the Horsham branch and Nigel did a superb job at fixing it. I also had a very old worn bottom set of dentures. Nigel gave me a price list so I could consider whether to get new dentures.

I made the decision to go ahead and Andrew made me a full set of dentures. The whole service was superb. He took a lot of time and trouble to ensure they fitted comfortably. I had several fittings and any problems were sorted out immediately.

I can eat well with them and they have made a tremendous difference to me. It was money well spent.

Mr Garner

My husband had a stroke 10 years ago, has limited speech and is in a wheelchair. Everything went very well with The Denture Shop making him a new set of dentures. He had two fittings to ensure they fitted comfortably. He can do everything you would expect from your own set of teeth. Its been a success.

Mrs Cole

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