fixing dentures

Denture repairs

We aim to carry out denture repairs while you wait. It is recommended you make an appointment to help minimise your waiting time.

We provide no guarantees on denture repairs, particularly as many patients who bring in broken dentures are really in need of new dentures. If this is the case we will advise you on the cost for new dentures while you wait for your repair.

If your dentures break please DO NOT super glue them back together. The glue melts the edges of the acrylic (the denture base material) and means it is a lot harder for us to repair, if we can repair them at all. The glue is also very harmful to you and could make you unwell. If you have glued your denture we do not guarantee we can repair them for the standard price, as further work may be necessary.

We always aim to give you the best service we can. We offer a free consultation service while you wait for your denture to be repaired. Should you decide to have something new, we even start the process same day, while you wait for your repair.

Denture Relines


If your denture is loose then relining may be an option for you. This is a service that can be offered while you wait if an appointment has been booked. If you require a soft reline we may need to retain your denture for a few days.

Additions to Dentures


If you lose a natural tooth then we should be able to attach a new tooth to your existing denture whilst you wait.

Home Visit

Home visits

We provide a home visit and consultancy service. This includes a full assessment of your needs and a recommendation of the right denture solution for you. Limited availability and only in private residence.

anti snoring device

Anti-snoring devices

Snoring can become a significant problem for some people. Not only can it interfere with personal relationships but can be a sign of a medical condition called sleep apnoea.

Our anti-snoring devices are placed in the mouth at night to hold the lower jaw in the correct position to keep the airway open. This improves airflow and helps to reduce the noise.

Gum Shields

Gum shields

These provide an effective and comfortable fit for those requiring protection from mouth injuries whilst playing sports. They are available in a range of colours.

Mouth Gard

Mouth guards

Used for people who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding). They may also be effective if you suffer from recurring mouth ulcers.

Removable retainers

Removable retainers

Used after orthodontic treatment to help the teeth remain in position once the brace has been removed.

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