inside worthing denture shop

Worthing clinic

We have been operating from the Worthing clinic since 2005.

The Worthing clinic is located opposite West Worthing train station. There is free parking for one hour on Tarring Road, including outside The Denture Shop. There is a station carpark nearby; payment is required via a mobile phone (not a pay and display). Alternatively there is free parking along Grand Avenue, a short walk from The Denture Shop. Buses number 10 and 700 stop by the Co-op Shop on South Street Tarring, which is a short walk away from The Denture Shop.


14 Station Parade
Tarring Road
West Sussex
BN11 4SS
01903 501133

Opening times

Monday: 09:30am - 11:30am
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: 9.30am – 3.00pm
Thursday: closed
Friday: closed

Please call in advance to make an
appointment to ensure you will be seen.

If you are waiting for a denture repair there are plenty of cafes to visit:

Within walking distance is Scrumptious, on Tarring Road just after the train station. Easiest for parking is probably the Sea Lane Café (BN12 4HR) a 10 minute drive away and a few minutes further is Bluebird Café (BN12 5QU).

If you visit Worthing town there are plenty of cafés such as Munch Coffee Bar (BN11 3AY), NRG Cavern (BN11 3BA), and Café Traditionale (BN11 1EG).

The Worthing team

Nigel works at the Worthing clinic on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. John is based at Worthing and provides support to Nigel and Ehlana, and is based at the worthing clinic all week. Ehlana regularly works from the Worthing branch when needed.

Find out more about the whole team here

Nigel Boult MCDP



Ehlana Boult DIP DT